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Nashville, Tennessee

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Nashville Mobile Auto Repair

Nashville Mobile MechanicHi I'm John,  Nashville's Best Mobile Mechanic.

  • ASE Certified
  • Certified Master Technician


Nashville is a great place to live with many things to do. One thing that many Nashvillians are looking for is the best mobile mechanic. Who should you trust with your car? We all know that sometimes you need to get your car fixed. But who wants to take their car in for service? It's a hassle, it can be expensive, and it leaves your car out of commission for the day. This is where Nashville's best mobile mechanic comes in! I specialize in taking care of my customers' cars at home work, or on the road.

Nashville is a city with many talented mechanics and car repair shops. But when you are looking for the best mobile mechanic in Nashville, it can be hard to find the most qualified one. I’m Nashville's best mobile mechanic. I offer the best mobile repairs service for your vehicle in town. I come to you and fix it on-site! No more waiting around at the shop or having to take time off work. You can just relax while I do all the hard work for you. No matter what type of car, truck, or SUV you drive, I can fix it. Also, offering 24/7 emergency roadside assistance for those times when things go wrong in the middle of nowhere!

But we offer something different for those who want convenience and speed! I can come out and fix your car on-site so you don’t miss any time from work. And the rates are competitive with what others charge too!

Sure, we come to you and fix your car right on-site. But we also offer a wide variety of other solutions for auto repair needs from oil changes to engine replacement! Don't wait around or take time off work when you can get it fixed at home with us today. Call now!

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Mobile Mechanic Nashville
Mobile Mechanic Nashville
Mobile Mechanic Nashville

Basically, you could take Nashville’s best mobile mechanic with you to check your potential vehicle choices with you and soak in the benefit of that or you could go solo and miss out on those benefits. Knowing what you are getting into with whichever vehicle you end up purchasing makes the difference between getting a quality vehicle with only regular maintenance needed and a vehicle that is going to be a money pit and constantly need costly repairs.

You don’t come to me, I come to you.  That is how it should be and should have always been. That level of convenience should be offered to every customer. You are already need auto repairs for your vehicle, so you don’t need added issues of finding and waiting for a tow truck or having to sit and wait at a local auto repair shop or on a local auto mechanic.

Mobile Mechanic Nashville
Mobile Mechanic Nashville

Finding out what’s wrong so I can get in there and make the best auto repairs for your vehicle.  This is a critical first step to any auto repair service and should always be done accurately and efficiently.  That is why is so important to choose correctly and bring your vehicle issues to me to diagnose. 

Brakes are essential to safety, the detailed brake system in your vehicle takes significant knowledge and skill to be able to determine when the perfect time for replacements are versus when the right time for repairs are. Making that decision accurately makes all the difference in the world, as would me doing your auto repairs for your vehicle and monitoring your brake system for you.

Mobile Mechanic Nashville
Mobile Mechanic Nashville

Starting the chain reaction to get your engine going would not be possible without these two items working together in harmony smoothly and without issue.  If either of these parts are malfunctioning or fail completely your engine is not going to start up.  So that is why it is so crucial to keep them maintained well which I would be happy to do for you.

Your engine is the most important part in your vehicle so you should have the best mobile mechanic in Nashville working on tuning up your engine for you. Cleaning out the gunk, freeing up pathways to get air, coolant, oil, and the like to get your engine more efficiently will make your daily commute must easier on your engine and the ride will be much more enjoyable. 

Mobile Mechanic Nashville
Mobile Mechanic Nashville

Keep up with your regular maintenance, get oil changes, keep all your fluids filled to proper levels, change your filters, all of this will make a massive difference over time for your vehicle and the amount of auto repair services that you require for it during your vehicle’s lifespan. 

I am also available to manage a fleet of vehicles any size fleet and can make taking care of auto repair services for all the vehicles in your fleet a much more efficient and headache free process than any local auto repair shops or local auto mechanics can.

Mobile Mechanic Nashville

Nashville Mobile Mechanic

Named after one of the generals of the continental army, Francis Nash, our great town of Nashville is the capitol of Tennessee and also has the distinguished nickname of Music City U.S.A. Another key thing that makes Nashville, Tennessee stand out is the presence of a highly skilled and vastly talented mobile mechanic in town. You happen to be on the homepage of that very person right, now, Nashville’s best mobile mechanic, and I welcome you to my website and look forward to introducing myself and my skillset to all of you whether you are Nashville’s own citizens, just good people passing through, or on vacation in our intriguing city.

What makes me so special and what places me steps higher than any of the local auto repair shops and local auto mechanic around town? There a lot of different things that allows me to be better and on another level, I will list out a couple of these things for you now:


So those are just a few of the things that put me at the top of the mountain for mobile mechanic and auto repair services in Nashville, and here is a series of auto repair services that I come across the most locally and a basic explanation of each one:

Sweet Deals- Hometown Dentist and inventor of Cotton Candy, William Morrison created a sweet treat for all to enjoy.  What I do is create sweet deals on all of your auto repair services and give you the opportunity to keep as much of that cold hard cash that you work so hard to earn. Do local auto repair shops or other local auto mechanics do this or even put in their best effort to do this?  Answer with me now as we all give that resounding “No”, answer. You deserve to keep as much of what you earn at your job as possible and that is one of my primary goals when I serve you and your vehicle when you bring it to me to fix up.

Top Speeds- When Nashville native Casey Atwood is on the Nascar track he is looking to whip around it at top speeds and put himself in the winner’s circle by doing so accurately. When I, the best mobile mechanic in Nashville work on your vehicle your auto repairs get done at top speeds and with the purest accuracy.  This level of quickness and accuracy will put you in the winner’s circle in a few different ways including but not limited to:

Time Rescued from the Clock- Having auto repairs done right and having them done fast means that the time that would normally tick off the hands of the clock at your local auto repair shops or with your local auto mechanics will be saved from just being wasted and you can make use of that extra time however you would like. 

Highest Precision- To perform auto repair services both time efficient and with a confirmed accurateness, one must have the utmost precision. Nashville’s best mobile mechanic has the highest level of precision of anyone in the area or any of the surrounding areas, so not only do you save time but you can be guaranteed the job gets done right every time and there is no sacrifice of the level of quality due to the speed.  In a local auto repair shop or with a local auto mechanic the speed I am able to perform at would cause them to make mistakes and be inaccurate so you should not go to anyone like that who is not the best for you and your vehicle.

No Waiting- What really puts you in the winner’s circle when you use my auto repair services is the value of not having to wait, and being back on the road while others who chose to use local auto repair shops and local auto mechanics are sitting in average waiting rooms or customer lounges or even worse having to be without a vehicle while they wait on those places or those mechanics to finish up with their vehicles. 

Value Placed in You and Your Vehicle- Visiting a local auto mechanic or local auto repair shop is always a gamble of how much value they will place in you and your vehicle, perhaps they will put a decent level of value on both, or perhaps they will place an extremely tiny value on you and your vehicle. It does not make sense to chance it when the best mobile mechanic in Nashville gives top tier value to every customer and whatever vehicle you grant me the ability to perform auto repair services on. 

Value Yourself- Don’t get mistreated by the local auto mechanics and local auto repairs shops by allowing them to devalue you and not give you the level of respect and treatment that you and every customer each deserve. I pride myself on making sure every customer feels valued and that they drive away knowing their true value and do not allow themselves to be unvalued again.

Value your Vehicle- Doesn’t matter if you have the newest Dodge Viper model or an older model with significant wear and tear, your vehicle deserves to be treated properly and with value regardless.  It is easy for some local auto mechanics to place more value on the newer models or the nicer looking vehicles but that is not the correct way to go about things.  When I perform auto repairs on your vehicle no matter what make, model or condition it will get the absolute best value and treatment out of me because that is what each and every vehicle deserves. So, you can go with people that undervalue you and your vehicle or you could allow someone who assigns full value to your and vehicle to come to you and work on your vehicle.

**Warranty Terms- 12,000 miles or 1-year warranty on all parts and labor**

Contactless Service & Car Sanitization After Service

All mobile mechanic services are now contactless to help keep everyone healthy. Watch from your window while our mechanics work in your driveway. Never make contact with anyone or anything except for your repaired and sanitized vehicle.

​We are working hard to keep essential service workers on the road. Learn about on-site repairs, so your car will be ready by the time you are off work.

Open Daily From 6:00AM - 9:00PM